Feel safe whenever you ride alone with Horse Rider SOS.

Riding horses is a great way for us to get out and about to explore and enjoy the countryside around us - but as riders we all know and accept that riding is not without its risks. Horses at times are un-predictable and may stumble and fall or even spook and bolt unseating their rider and leaving them injured out in the countryside possibly miles from home.

This unique app for Android and iphone is a rescue device for Horse Riders.

It works by monitoring your activity while you ride and in the event that you should fall off, or are injured or incapacitated, will automatically send an alert to your chosen friends and family.

What’s fantastic about this app is due to the Gps capability of your smart-phone, ‘Horse Rider SOS’ is able to pin point exactly where you are on the planet and once the alert is triggered will send your ‘Gps position’  so that your rescuers can find you without delay.

Now you can register with British Equestrian ID Services to use their Support Team as a 24/7 buddy