How it works

The concept is simple. Before you head off for your ride, open the ‘Horse Rider SOS’ app on your Android or iPhone, press the ‘Start button’ and now  ‘Horse Rider SOS’ will begin to  monitor your every move and track you while you ride.  

As long as ‘Horse Rider SOS’ continues to detect your movement and progress it will be ‘content’ to watch over you and will remain in’ tracking mode’.

However, In the event that you are unseated and fall off your horse, are unconscious or unable to move, Horse Rider SOS will immediately enter ‘Alert Mode’ and begin the rescue process.

At this point your predetermined guardians will be notified immediately that you’re in trouble and will be sent your location so that you can be rescued without delay.

How it works

False Alarms

To avoid false alarms there is a built in fail-safe so that the alerts are only sent after a pre-determined and user-defined period of inactivity. Before the SOS is sent it first warns you that it has entered Alert mode and  if it’s not a genuine emergency, gives you time to over-ride it.

Now with ‘Horse Rider SOS’ you can ride alone safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen help will be on its way immediately.