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“Falling off miles from home was the one thing I always used to worry about whenever  I rode alone ….. now I know that if the worst were to happen Horse Rider SOS is there to raise the alarm and get me rescued.”

 “It’s so simple to set up and very easy to use and now when I ride I’m happy knowing that that if I do fall off and happen to injure myself my husband will know where to find me.”

 “I have to get the horses in when I get home from work and sometimes they can be a bit naughty!   ……When I’m on my own I always make sure I set Horse Rider SOS to watch over me just in case anything happens.”

 “I know it’s not what it’s designed for but once my phone fell out of my pocket when I was out riding and thanks to Horse Rider SOS I was able to pin-point exactly where I’d lost it! ……I love this app!!

 “Once, I fell off my horse miles from home and was unconscious for over an hour…..worst of all, nobody knew I’d even fallen off! ….. luckily some hikers found me and were able to call for help…..Now I always make sure I set Horse Rider SOS before I ride.”