iPhone User Manual

Set Up

Important Notes for riders with iPhones:

It is  important that your chosen buddy adds the email alert@horseridersos.com to their address book so that the email Alert doesn’t get hidden in your buddy’s spam folder.

You can also use the Facebook  link, so you can tell your friends where you are going with your horse.   Your activity is monitored in ‘tracking mode’ as you ride or move around, and in the event of you becoming unseated, injured or unconscious, the app recognises when no movement is felt for a set time and will enter ‘Alert mode’ and send a alert message to your chosen ‘Buddy’ with your location, by text (U.K. only at the moment to be upgrade asap), email and Facebook.

You can now  ‘Buy a 24/7 Buddy’ with the ‘alert ID’ who will hold your medical records and contact details of friends and family (you must register your details with the British Equestrian ID Service ( BEID’s), to get the ‘alert  ID’ Number to enter in to HorseRiderSOS).  Available fom 4th July 2012 from www.alertid.co.uk .

Before using Horse Rider SOS

  • Make sure that GPS and wi-fi are enabled on your handset.
  • For the email and map button to function correctly you must have a working (GPRS/3G) data connection.
  • Make sure the person receiving the alert (on your buddy list) has ‘Push’ enabled on their smart phone so that they receive email instantly.
  • Have your ringer volume set so you can hear when Horse Rider SOS enters ‘Alert mode’.
  • Make sure alert@horseridersos.com   is added to your buddy’s contact list so that they can receive the alert.


Quick Start

  1. Click on the Horse Rider SOS icon on your desktop .
  2. Click on Open Application on the homepage and the green ‘Start’ button will appear.
  3. Click ‘+’ in the top left corner to add a buddy (This is the person you want to receive an email notification in the event of an emergency) and then click ‘Save’
  4. Now click on ‘Settings’ to set the ‘alert delay time’ (This is the period of time between Horse Rider SOS detecting ‘no motion’ and the sending of the alert) click ‘OK’ to save your settings and return to the green ‘Start’ button.


  1. To begin tracking press the green ‘Start’ button and the ‘Active’ page will appear.
  2. To prevent accidently turning Horse Rider SOS off in your pocket, make sure you lock the screen using the lock icon on the ‘Active‘ page.
  3. Horse Rider SOS is now monitoring and tracking your movement and will remain in ‘Active’ mode for as long as motion can be detected.

Alert Mode

  1. In the event that Horse Rider SOS is unable to detect motion it will automatically enter ‘Alert’ mode according to your preset ‘Alert delay’ time.
  2. During the last 60 seconds of this ‘Alert delay’ time Horse Rider SOS will siren and vibrate to warn you that it is about to send the alert to your buddy.
  3. At the end of the 60 seconds the siren and vibrate will stop and an email will be sent to your buddy notifying them of the emergency and also giving them your gps position.
  4. If Horse Rider SOS enters ‘Alert mode’ falsely you can over-ride it and return to ‘Active mode’ by simply moving again so that an alert is not sent. Alternatively you can manually override the alert by clicking ‘Stop Alert’.


  • Horse Rider SOS must run in the foreground and all other applications should be turned off.
  •  Always lock Horse Rider SOS with the lock on the ‘Active screen’ and not with the ‘screen lock’ button on your iphone.