Never ride out alone again!

If you love riding, you’ll know all about the thrills of hacking out across the countryside – just you and your horse sharing some special time together. Nothing quite beats the feeling of cantering along on a sunny day seeing your horse’s pricked ears in front of you. It’s a time when you can forget all about your everyday stresses and simply have great fun with your favourite horse!

And it gets better

Thanks to a unique smart phone app for Android and iphone, called Horse Rider SOS, hacking can now become even more fun. There’s no longer any need to worry about your own safety out riding because Horse Rider SOS is there when you need it most - and it won’t let you down. Simply activate this app before you leave home and the app will do the rest. While you are happily moving along, the app will follow your progress and allow you to enjoy your ride. In the unlikely event of a fall resulting in you becoming incapacitated, the smart phone app springs into action and lets the person/s of your choice know that you need their help. It simply picks up on the fact that you’re no longer moving and sends out an alert on your behalf.

How it works

Horse Rider SOS monitors your activity while you ride and as long as it can feel your movement, it will be ‘happy’ and remain in tracking mode. However, if you should fall from your horse, become knocked unconscious or unable to move, this clever app will automatically send an alert to the person/s of your choice, informing them that you are in need of help. Not only that, but due to the GPS capability of your smart phone, Horse Rider SOS can pinpoint exactly where you are on the planet and once triggered, it will send your GPS position so that you can be rescued without delay.

It’s user-friendly, too!

The concept is simple. Before you head off for your ride, open the Horse Rider SOS app on your Android or iphone, press the start button and Horse Rider SOS will begin to monitor your movement and track you while you ride. The alert mode will only come into play if you stop moving and it can no longer track you.

To avoid false alarms, there is a built-in fail-safe mode, so that the alerts are only sent after a pre-determined, user-defined period of inactivity. Plus, your smart phone will give you a warning before an emergency alert is sent, so if you do stop to chat to your friends, forgetting you have it activated, you’ll have the option to override it if you need to.

A must have app for every horse rider, thanks to Horse Rider SOS you can now hack out rest assured that you are in safe hands. Happy riding!